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AllTerra Gulf is the exclusive dealer of the full line of Spectra Precision, Trimble and Nikon surveying products in the following GCC countries; UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. With our sister companies SITECH Gulf and Gulf Positioning Services AllTerra Gulf offers the most complete range of positioning products in the Middle East.

The Trimble Spectra Precision and Nikon instruments include GPS/GNSS receivers, laser levels, rotating grade lasers, pipe lasers, theodolites, mechanical optical total stations, motorized robotic total stations, GIS instruments, data collectors and controllers, software, and auto levels, as well as laser receivers, specialty tools, tripods, grade rods, reflective prisms, prism and GPS poles, measuring wheels, laser measurers and other accessories by Spectra Precision, Nikon, CSTech and SECO. AllTerra Gulf have complete Trimble Certified service centers and are the only authorized service centers in the GCC for the complete range of Trimble, Spectra Precision and SITECH products. Our service centers specialize in repair, service & calibration of GPS, GNSS, Total Stations, rotating lasers, theodolites, and auto levels. AllTerra Gulf offers a large selection of total stations, machine control (with SITECH), rotary lasers, and GPS for short term or long term rental and lease and we offer complete training, certification and support to our valued customers with a large staff of professionals.

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